What experience is worse than people think?

I miss my Grandfather more than anything right now. It was about 2 years ago. I was 21 and I had just came in from shoveling the Snow and breaking up packed down Snow. He hadn't been feeling well for the past few days and was stuck in bed. Which was extremely odd because he was very active and even was working out nightly.

I came inside and took my boots off and came into the Living Room where he was watching Tv, He told me thanks for breaking up the snow and I told him no problem. He asked "You always gonna take care of me huh? HaHa"

I told him of course. He asked this question often so I smiled and gave him a kiss on his bald head before running up stairs and falling out on my bed preparing to take a nap.

5 minutes later my Niece comes rushing up stairs and pushes my door open saying "Luffy Gramps having a heart attack!" I instantly drop what I'm doing and dart down the stairs.

My Aunts giving him CPR in hopes to do something and my Grandmother was on the phone calling the Peramedics.

My Aunt, Niece and Grandmother left the room while he lied there. Lifeless. The Peramedics arrived 15 minutes later and explained he had suffered from a Stroke as well and the Oxygen had been cut from his brain for longer than allowed.

At thay moment I knew my Grandfather was gone.

I now, to this day, have this stupid reoccuring dream. I'm at the corner of my street standing there looking towards my house. I look to my left and there's my Grandfather. With a warm smile. He says nothing. I say nothing. As we finally get closer to my house, he slows up.

Before I turn around to say Goodbye I wake up in a panic and cold sweat.

I miss my Grandfather. More than anything in the world. We bumped heads. But he taught me so much and there's still a lot I don't know..

What I do know is that he took me in when he didn't have to. And I probably would be alive today if he didn't.

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