What fact are you tired of explaining to people?

...or my body didn't store calories as fat because there wasn't available glucose to turn into fat, and instead passed the additional calories.

I guarantee you my TDEE wasn't higher than 3000 kcal per day sitting at a desk for 12 hours per day.

When a person derives a large percentage of their calories from fat, with just a little protein, and virtually 0 carbohydrates, the body has no available glucose to convert to fat.

Protein is metabolized to glucose in an inefficient process and is metabolized first, fat is metabolized in a different way, and is not used to create glucose, and therefore will not be stored as fat, rather excreted.

Pork belly has about 70% of it's kcal from fat, 30% from protien. There are no carbohydrates. So about 2100 kcal from fat, and about 900 from protein with a 3000 kcal intake.

The protein will be metabolized into glucose, but that won't be enough to provide for my energy requirements. The fat I consumed cannot be metabolized into fat, and a lot of it won't even be metabolized, and will pass (fiber supplements can remove a lot, among other functions like excreting ketones through urine) it is not all used for energy. My body will continue to produce ketones because they pass, and my body needs energy, and it will use my body fat to do so.

In short, the reality is that 3000 kcal of pork belly won't all be utilized by my body as energy, and a deficit will naturally be created even though I consumed 3000 kcal. Even if I did metabolize enough to meet my energy needs, I would not gain weight because there wouldn't be any glucose left to store as fat.

It's not as simple as kcal in kcal out. What you eat is super important. Even if one consumes more carbohydrates, simply avoiding short chain carbohydrates makes a huge difference in terms of what is actually utilized from the input.

Sure, UTILIZED kcal in vs kcal out makes sense, but you can't just count the input and count on weight loss unless you run a hard deficit, which leaves you hungry and typically leads to failure, or only short term success.

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