What fact did you believe to be true for an extended period of time, only to do some minor critical thinking and realize it wasn’t?

This is embarrassing as fuck but full disclosure:

I never heard news from Canada, only the occasional story. Not dissing Canada (no news is good news, right?) but for a while I legitimately didn't believe Canada was a real country because I just didn't hear about it. I tried to hide this by making it out to be a joke later on in life, but for a few years I honestly thought Canada was a funny lie for an embarrassingly long period of time. While on vacation I was hanging out in an arcade and one dude who barely spoke English told me he was Canadian, tried to win stuff for me and impress me, and gave me his number and I thought I was being pranked. He was a cool dude, but I never contacted him because I thought he had lied to me about being Canadian. Clearly he was French, as Canadians obviously didn't exist. GDI I was so stupid.

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