What was a fact that you regret knowing?

My dude. You are equating people that want to punch nazis, with nazis. This is actually insane.

I'm equating people who think violence is an acceptable political tool to one another.

Two things can be bad, and one can be worse

Yes youre right. Both of those things are bad. Doing bad things to bad people doesn't make you a good person. Some of the people the nazis persecuted were bad people. Does that make their actions acceptable? No. My point isn't even that its bad, its ineffective. Punching a nazi doesn't stop them being a nazi... it doesn't stop anyone being a nazi. It just keeps that cycle of violence going.

That is absolutely relevant, I hate someone because they want to kill a subset of human beings for their existence and genealogy. At any point and time they can simply stop supporting ethnic cleansing and it suddenly becomes a non issue.

Thats insanely simplistic and misses the point. If you grew up as a tiny kid with nazi parents, then its deeply ingrained in you. You dont just wake up one day and say - oh okay, I was wrong and I renounce my views and beliefs because someone is willing to hurt me. The willingness to resort to violence will just reinforce those beliefs further. Its counter productive. If you want to stop racism then your preferred course of action won't do that.

Tell me one time, anywhere in the world where nazis stopped being nazis using words and not force?

He's called Daryl Davis -


He's a black man who goes to KKK meetings and makes friends with these people and he has a collection of hoods from all the people who have renounced their beliefs due to their enhanced understanding that black people are actually just like white people. Quite clearly it works.

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