What do you think is fake?

Well I'd start by pointing out the power source. The Apollo mission power source was the equivalent of 2 truck batteries. Yet they communicated flawlessly with houston, and powered a lunar module for a week. Then there's the doctored photos etching appearing behind objects, and the earth superimposed in the background etc... Then there's the NASA communications showing the astronauts in low earth orbit then broadcasting from the moon 9hrs later when it's a 3 day trip. NASA conveniently lost the flight plan, that's important you would've thought they would've kept that for future study. Then there's the lunar rover it appears to be remote controlled as the drivers motionless he doesn't turn the steering wheel as the rover turns. The astronauts in the pictures clearly changed suits 3 times as the suits all had minor differences, but NASA claims they only brought one suit a piece. The most convincing evidence for me is the altered photos. Moon landing hoaxers and believers agree that the photos were altered. I personally think they were staged. That's the only logical conclusion. Then there's the limit of 1960's power and technology a 1990's brick phone has more processing power than the lunar lander. Not to mention the astronaut being pulled up on his harness when it was too much weight for him to stand up in. Google or YouTube "NASA harness fails". I can think of more reasons but I'll stop there... I'm just skeptical. Yeah they didn't have Photoshop it's obvious.

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