What famous person has done something incredibly heinous, but has often been overlooked?

You don't mention the thought of evading a courthouse summons if youre trying to better yourself,

You don't have a tantrum on social media after your lawyer tells you that wasting money on the #helpinghandchallenge won't help legal proceedings, which were movements he only started AFTER he was accused and awaiting trial. "A helping hand not a song" doesn't count, since I'm only speaking about movements he put money in.

That's not to delegitimize movements that are created without funding, just worth noting he only put money in after getting shit.

Tormented minds exist, and X was one, but he wasn't transforming. He might have even convinced himself a few times that he was (RSL 2016, MO V2), but he persisted on bad paths after BOTH of those.

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