What do you fear about the future?

sorry, i think i replied to the wrong message.

but yes. automation would be fantastic if enough changes were made to society so that everybody was able to enjoy the benefits. current trends leave me with absolutely no faith that this will happen.

the way i see it, we'll instead see the following stratification if nothing changes:

  • the capitalist class, living like roman emperors.

    • an intermediary class of highly skilled workers, who will lead comfortable but completely nomadic lives at the behest of their capitalist masters.
    • the overworked, underpaid remnants of the sedentary middle and working classes, terrified that they'll be the next to go.
    • and at the bottom a huge underclass, left exposed to the elements apart from brief periods where they are mobilized as enforcers and thugs for the people at the top of the pyramid

sorry if this all seems way too tinfoil hat, but... i mean, this kind of stratification isn't a new or novel occurrence in the history of civilization

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