What fighting game did you stick with, dropped and picked up in 2021?

This has been my first year playing 2d fighting games! I tried out probably 30 fighting games this year, and played about 10 of them enough to say I really "picked them up" (i.e., I played it against other people and was into it enough to take notes and lab stuff in it). Those games were:

Arcana Heart 3, BBCF, Rev 2, Strive, KoF 2002, KoF 2002 UM, MBAACC, Melty Blood: Type Lumina, 3rd Strike, and UNI.

Of these, I only intentionally dropped Strive and Type Lumina; I'd happily go back to any of the others (maybe not as happily to the ones without rollback, I really learned my lesson about that this year), though currently I'm only actively playing KoF 2002 UM, 3rd Strike, and BBCF.

I also dropped Tekken 7 around the start of this year. It was my introduction to fighting games and originally, was the only one I was really interested in, but I stopped having fun playing it around last January. Dropping it has been great, I'd strongly encourage anyone reading this to take a break from games you're consistently not having fun in, and also, if you've only played one fighting game, to try others out.

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