What film did you watch knowing nothing about going in, but were gob-smacked by how much you enjoyed it?

With me, this happens a lot with foreign films. I get a recommendation to watch something "trust me; it's really good!" and then I go with it and often just watch it without seeing a trailer and maybe just seeing the thumbnail on prime or netflix.

Even more, often the actors in those movies are foreign and unknown to me, so even if it's a big name star in their country, I'm unaware, so sometimes those little in-film spoilers (no way a big name actor is injust a throw-away role!) are lost on me.

In 2002, I watched a movie called JSA on a recommendation and only knew it was a "korean movie". At the time, I had no knowledge of the Korean Hallyu and my (unfound) bias on korean film industry in general and korean movies in particular was that they would be amateurish, low budget, and uninteresting. So the polish and quality of the film put me off-balance right away. I had very little knowledge or understanding about the 38th Parallel and the DMZ and about the attitudes of North/South korea so I was trying to catch up on those cues. Then very quickly, I found myself totally absorbed in the story and really found myself loving the characters. And then it ended and I kinda felt like i had an epiphany that opened my eyes to south korean cinema. It at once felt familiar and the level of polish and production value was so high, but then it also just felt different b/c of the actors involved and just some differences in storytelling and characters.

I've been loving korean movies since and generally, i avoid watching trailers of them (which is obv very easy to do) and blind-watching them.

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