What was the final drama that happened that made you leave when you’ve been scared to?

There was a lot, so this is really tiny in comparison. Despite my best efforts, it's still long, lol.

In the past, I had thought her friend had an irrational dislike for me. He refused to invite me to a discord (basically skype) group that our online group shared. Someone else invited me, and an hour later I was removed. I even asked him if I'd upset him or anything, and he replied, "No? You're fine, I 'm not upset at you? I'd like to be friends with you!" I thought his actions clearly didn't line up with his words, so I dismissed it.

I complained to my best friend. Each time, her responses always seemed odd to me, and it was always like it was the first time she was hearing about it. I was hurt that she didn't confront him or drop him as a friend since he clearly was being unfair to me. I thought she just had a crush on him and was dismissing how he was hurting me because of that. I also didn't understand why she wouldn't just invite me to the group.

  • "Hm," she'd say, "that's so weird! I don't think he meant to do that. Are you sure?"
  • "You were removed? Oh! Ugh, it must just be boys being boys."
  • "Ughhh, sometimes friends are just so stupid and don't like people, I don't know!"
  • "I don't think he hates you? I wonder why he did that."

Well. They later became boyfriend and girlfriend. While she was cheating on him with my teammate, the boyfriend told me that she had demanded he remove me. In fact, she'd been furious that I'd been invited, and said, "Why did X invite her? Oh my god. What the fuck? Remove her!" And then he started funneling all sorts of fun screenshots of her insulting me and admitting to "punishing" me with silence whenever I accidentally set her off.

She still thinks she's the victim, lol, and spins a story that I was just a toxic girl jealous over a "friendship" with my teammate. No, Aimy. You cheating on your boyfriend to date my teammate within a month of me telling you my crush certainly didn't help, but the real final straw was finding out that you continued to manipulate others to hurt me and lied repeatedly about it.

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