what is the first game that made you realize your pc is not as good as you thought it was?

For that game alone i built a shitty ebay sourced budget pc for 200€ back in 2014. Every part of that pc was atleast 5 years old if not older. FPS dipped constantly under the 20s. Still had fun. Made the jankiest upgrades with the little money i had back then. Modded a LGA771 XEON to work in my LGA775 board. Somewhat managed to get 8GB of rams even though the board officially only supported 4. Looked months for GPUs to get a substantial upgrade for 40€. Performance was still shitty but better.

Now i own a 3900x with 32gb ram and 6900xt and the performance is still kinda shitty. But now its more like the game cant reach 120FPS in 4k. Oh well.

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