what was the first time you realised that you may be a little inebriated, tipsy or drunk?

When I was a kid we would take long trips into lake Powell in Utah on a rented house boat. Of course being out in the middle of the lake with no responsibility my parents and the other adults would start drinking heavily early in the day. I was probably around 8 years old the first time I got hammered, at the time I don't think that I was actively trying to intoxicate myself but I had a love for mixed drinks. My parents would never give me my own drink but if I asked I would get sips of theirs. My favorites included white Russians for their milky taste, bloody Mary's because I have always loved savory salty things. Margaritas for obvious reasons, and any kind of booze mixed with coke because my parents never let me have soda when I was that young. I also was like a lot of other kinds because I never minded the taste of beer. So one night after most the adults had gone to bed (passed the fuck out) I took it upon myself to go around and finish all the drinks that were left strewn around the beach and the front of the boat. Some asshole that night must have been the king of fallen soldiers because I found like four Coronas that were still 25-50% full. At the time I loved the taste of flat limey Mexican beer for some reason. I must have eaten the ice and remaining booze from like six or seven solo cups and chugged the rest of the coronas before I realized something was wrong. At first I walked into like the screen door at full pace breaking through the mesh and giving myself a bloody nose. Then I lost the ability to stand on my own two feet. At this point my aunt and mother who at this point were mostly sober came to the front of the boat to find me laying on the couch crying heavily and puking on the floor. She must have smelt the booze on my puke because I remember trying to play it off like I had the stomach flu or something and she just kept asking me what I drank. At that point I remember my mom carrying me to bed and sleeping really deeply until almost noon the next morning. At that point my dad gave me a swat on the ass and had a very serious talk with me about alcohol and growing up. I didn't drink again till I actually drank with him when I turned 18.

Tldr: found a whole bunch of unfinished booze when I was eight and proceeded to get my little fat ass drunk enough to puke and pass out.

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