What do you want for the next Dalek design?

Welp, I think I'm going to be downvoted to oblivion for expressing my opinions about this subject. But here we go:

The Dalek original design is so fucking silly for modern day standards. It's a miracle how they managed to not make something laughable with the Bronze Daleks. It's the equivalent of bringing the Original NCC-1701 Enterprise Interiors back to modern television and SOMEHOW not make them look like they're made from cardboard and that they are just some walls inside a warehouse with people walking around with weird clothes in it. I just want to hug the person that came with the Bronze Daleks. Imagine if Eccleston had to face something like this in that epic reveal. Aw god no.

Victory of The Daleks was a cool Dalek story but not a cool redesigned Dalek story. They could have done the NP reveal and the NP Daleks so much better if they held a little bit until Davros came back. The only thing they would need to do is to take away all that "Strategist Dalek", "Scientist Dalek", etc. nonsense along with the Power Ranger colors. They are taller, something they should be because makes them more menacing. Their eyestalks are very prominent like the Black and White Era Dalek Eyestalks were, something that made our 1963 pepperpots very creepy. Let's say the Bronze Daleks Eyestalks didn't looked very prominent. Also the organic elements in the NP Eyestalks are just amazing and add up to the creepiness factor.

I know that NP Daleks are reminiscent of the "Invasion of Earth" movie and I actually love that, mostly because I see whovians taking a big dump on Cushing's Dr. Who always repeating he's not the Doctor and he's not Canon. I mean, it's part of the show's history and probably why Doctor Who isn't something exclusively British. But I don't think it's time for Power Ranger, I mean, Technicolor Daleks yet. Maybe with the whole "Rebel Dalek" thingie we saw in Into the Dalek ? I don't know.

Also, the voice and dialogue. I love Nicholas Briggs. But well... Can't they tone it down a little and make it less cartoonish ? Having a little less stereotype Dalek dialogue would also help. We get it. They are known for saying EXTERMINATE, SEEK, LOCATE, DESTROY... But... Well. It's getting a tad old.

Daleks come from another Era. They are basically a big metaphor to Nazis. But I don't think people view the Nazis like they did back in the 60s anymore. This is why Daleks from creepy menacing things came to be a pop culture laugh stock. Perceptions changed. Maybe shaping them to things people actually fear today would help. Not terrorists, bloody hell no, because that's Cliché as hell, but something else. Maybe make the Daleks greedy bastards ? Dalekonomics. They don't conquer, they buy. Because it's not worth their superior and glorious existence to meddle physically with inferior things. PRIVATIZE ALL HUMANS

IDK, maybe someone can think something better.

But if the BBC is going to spend some money into new Dalek props, I would love to see something very Un-Canon and very weird. Like this or this. If people too much about it, then they should go with the 1996 Spider-Daleks. I just want to see the world burn.

But seriously, I think radical change of the Daleks is necessary. It only did good things for the Cybermen.

Or just make the Daleks Purple and Yellow in a plot where they support Brexit. After all, they are fascists, right?

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