What former dealbreaker have you abandoned because of the shrinking pool of available partners as you get older?

I've shared a lot with this sub about my situation.

Currently dating. Single mom who i think is amazing. If she didn't have a kid I'd say perfect.

She is independent, hard working, involved her kids life, has a senior position in her job, travels a lot healthy relationship with her family, friends, ex. Been split from the kids dad for 4 years.

This all sounds amazing right? Well no, i see her once every 2 weeks, she lives abour 20 mins from me.

I text her, but she can take up to half a day to respond because of how busy work is.

I get to talk to her on the phone whenever she's in her rental driving to her hotel. That's the one time she's not distracted.

I had an emotional issue this past week and absolutely needed my partner to just listen, be there, tell me im gonna be okay. When i text her "can we talk on my drive home? She didn't respond until the next morning.

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