What Fox News thinks happened in schools across America today.

Demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and aren’t just regurgitating Con talking points. What does racism even mean to you? Why when you hear it does it trigger such a powerful response? Are you naive enough to think that all of American legislation and policy ever enacted is great? What problem do you have with scholars examining this history and it’s long-term impact? Because you disagree with some of the conclusions (conclusions that you fail to even understand at a basic level)? Are you naïve enough to believe all policy and legislation i/ enacted with the best interest of the people? Wouldn’t you want to know when it has not?

Cite some evidence that you’ve actually read or studied CRT and are in a position to even push back. Nothing you’ve said about CRT is accurate. You fail to identify claims or arguments you disagree with, nor do you do provide reasons that are backed by any sort evidence. This doesn’t speak highly of your ability to think deeply about an issue.

So yes — pushing back against something you know nothing about because your talking heads have told you too, because your talking heads are more invested in perpetuating culture wars than acknowledging our history and addressing social and economic problems through policy, means that, in this area, you are misinformed and have no idea what you’re talking about.

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