What the fuck is stopping you from doing what makes you happy and how are we fixing it by the end of today?

Chronic Fatigue. I push through it most days but everything is an uphill climb. 1 Hours of chores requires two hours of sleep afterwards. I can never seem to get on top of the things I love because everything else exhausts me. A trip to the grocery store zaps me so much I don't have the energy to cook. I always make sure to grab something I can eat right out of the bag when I get home or I'll fall asleep without a meal. I know it's my medication so I can push through it most days knowing the exhaustion isn't actually hurting me. But sometimes all you want to do is lay down after running a marathon. It's hurt my relationships too because I'm less social knowing all I need is just another hour in bed. When I go out I'm so happy. But I hung out with friends this weekend and fell asleep at the restaurant and the entire next day I couldn't keep my eyes open from the exertion of just hanging out. It's a life sentence and the only way to fix it is to keep pushing that rock up the hill even if it rolls over me occasionally.

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