What is the fun factor in your store??

I got lucky in the sense that I work with a lot of funny people, were always joking or lightly making fun of each other. When my best friend came in the one night for his shift, him and i started talking about the stuff he did earlier in his day and we both were dying of laughter (I forget exactly what we were talking about) and my GM and some of the nearby drivers were cracking up watching us laugh. But that’s really a normal day at my store, sure during a rush it’s easy to get a little pissed off, but not at each other. Just try cracking jokes to one of your coworkers about little things, like commenting about on how you observed the insider chugging his third monster of the day, or pointing out a gross combination of toppings that you see on the order screen. You’ve already got the most important part of a fun job down, which is positive and hard working team members, all you need now is some jokes:)

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