What game do you like everything about except playing it?

I'm not sure exactly what's so confusing about my two line post. I'll try and break it down it down for you.

In your comment history you say you have over 120 hours in Morrowind and love exploring. FFX is a completely different genre and that doesn't make it bad.

Here, I attempt to explain how all the problems he has with Final Fantasy X are caused by his infatuation with a completely different genre. In his comment history he talks of his adoration for Morrowind and other Western RPGs, and then he denigrates Final Fantasy for playing like a JRPG? That doesn't make sense at all. While FF is a different genre from what he loves, that doesn't make it worse than a WRPG, just different.

All this character stat development only to mean absolute fuck all when you meet the boss you have been preparing for. No, fuck your combat abilities, fuck your stats, fuck your gear, you need to solve a puzzle. What did you expect? Role playing? Fuck you. After I read that guide I found from Google, I instantly shut down my PS2, put the disc back in the case and that was literally the last time I ever played that game. I have never been so disappointed in a product before.

What would you call this, exactly? Well reasoned, level-headed critique? I'd call it a tantrum. It's a ridiculously out of proportion response to not liking the mechanics of a certain fight.

There you go, buddy. I tried to make this easy to understand for you. Two lines is a lot to read when you're busy sucking dick.

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