What generally sucks but people treat it like it's great?


What actual good does having that many apps do?

In the past, it made sense to have a Blackberry. Now, eight year olds have a smartphone.

Porn. If you're a horny 12 year old kid with half a brain, you know how to get around parental blocks and watch the shit. It used to be grainy footage via slow internet. Now it's 4K with lightning fast speed on your smartphone.

It allows us to ignore people that we're spending time with by giving the facade of actually being there.

Stalking social media for likes. Abusing dating apps for likes, likes likes likes.

Having that stuff makes you feel like you're connected when you're really not. You're just staring at a glowing white screen hoping for some sort of validation.

And ironically you hate talking on the phone.

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