What gets better when you spend more on a bow? Couple questions

To disagree with some of the conventional wisdom, the difference between some high end and some low end limbs and risers is very obvious, even for a relative novice. If you don't know how to shoot and don't have a tuned setup, none of this applies, so I'm assuming you're meeting those prerequisites.

As an obvious example, high carbon content/cross weave limbs are faster and more stable. Shoot a 30# set of Border limbs and a 30# set of Trad Techs and you'll notice how much faster the Borders are. You probably won't even be able to tune the same arrows to each. As a result, they shoot flatter. At shorter distances, especially when the distance is unknown or changing, this makes everything easier. At longer distances you've got less gap to manage.

With risers, it's a lot of bling factor, but also mass weight. If you're going to stick with archery and have the money, a riser you like would be a good investment early on compared to limbs you may or may not grow out of.

Keep in mind that there's no need to buy new for most things. You can play in the higher end without paying retail prices.

There's no good reason to shy away from quality equipment just because you're new. Just don't expect the quality of your equipment to make up for your lack of experience, even though it might help a bit.

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