What ghostly experiences have you had, and are you still skeptical?

For a while last year i suspended my disbelief and went on a quest for truth, so to speak. I heard voice fragments with no rational explaination, i saw split second apparations. I had visions and spoke to spirit guides. I used many various methods that you can learn from psychic development books or online. But in the end... I found my answer.

To those reading this part: if you want to find the answers yourself, stop reading, you may not like what i have to say.

It was a delusion. All of it. My friends and i were all into the metaphysical stuff, crystals, ouija boards, pendulums, astral projection, evp, chakras... But every thing that happened, wasn't what i thought. After falling out with my friends it was like leaving a cult (because of our shared beliefs and closeness) i began to start analysing stuff without the 'suspended disbelief' i spoke of earlier. The voice fragments were my brain trying to make ambient sounds and tinnitus into voices. The visual apparations were my brain putting more importance on imagination (when you think you see something, but look again and it was something else) well, i trained my brain to keep 'seeing what it wants.' and speaking with spirit guides is just putting a personality to your inner thoughts.

It's all a slippery slope to psychosis. I'm lucky i saw what it was doing to my health before i did real damage. I also saw how my ex friends started getting off the rails. (One of them believed that a demon was to blame for her messy apartment and shit attitude.) Using 'altered states' while conscience can be dangerous, its like taking drugs without the drugs. Plus, i was sleep deprived, over worked and caffeine addicted at the time of all of this.

Tldr: ive seen shit. That shit wasn't real. Don't go looking for shit or you'll go crazy.

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