What is a good alexa bliss match?

Have you watched the matches that people said on the gallows,truth,and shelton post really you should go take a look if you haven't

Any wrestler can have a good match like the way any artist can have that 1 song that everybody loves for a while.

Anyways i'll tell you one from each


Shelton benjamin vs shawn michaels raw 2005

Also check out his NJPW stuff rrally shelton should've had every single championship in the WWE when he was breaking out but WWE is notorious for dropping the ball

Kofi should've won 10 yrs ago

Dolph ziggler should've been wwe champion in 2014

Cm punk should've won the 2014 royal rumble and been in the main event at wrestlemania 30

Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows & Bad Luck Fale vs. Togi Makabe, Tetsuya Naito & Captain New Japan road to power struggle october 30 2014- I enjoyed this match a lot

R truth in 2011 was on a main event level

R truth and miz vs cena and rock survivor series 2011

R truth vs john cena 2011

And any match vs john morrison in 2011 was a pretty good highlight

So you should really look more into wrestlers that you should really check out the workers that you say don't put on "good" matches.

R truth vs ken shamrock in tna was also good so pls check that out a long with the small little suggestions I gave you.

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