What do you think is the greatest threat facing America today?

The greatest threat facing America is the reality that one of our major parties - the Republican Party - has abandoned any respect for democratic institutions or adherence to democratic norms.

Democracy only works if all involved agree to a set of unwritten standards - namely, that sometimes your guy doesn't win, that compromise is necessary, and that the will of the people be respected.

The Republican Party does not do this. In fact, they don't have the support of the people at all; the GOP has only won the popular vote once since 1988. However, this has not prevented them from abusing their power to achieve the results that benefit them. And that is what Republican rule over the last four decades has wrought - a continuous abuse of the power granted to them by the people. Now they openly discuss ignoring the will of the voters and regularly do so; look at the numerous citizen initiatives in Republican-led states that state leaders have ignored because they didn't like what the people voted for. Call it what you want, but it is not indicative of a party that respects democracy.

I have my own issues with the Democrats. But to compare the two parties as similar is to have one's head in the sand. The Democrats respect democracy. The Republicans do not. And this will be the thing that rips this country in two.

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