What grossed you out so much in a relationship that you just left?

Was getting it on and her dog walked in, so I tried to push him away but she stopped me….. then she grabbed the dogs dick….. she was tryna turn this into some freeeeky 3 way and the dog definitely looked like he knew what time it was….. yeah, longdong did not stick around long. Another time I was getting it on (doggy style) and this chicks dog jumped up and tried to latch on to me and do ME doggy style. I immediately got him off of me but it was funny so we both laughed. Then when I tried to take the dog out of the room she wouldn’t let me, and the dog just sat there and watched…. Listen, I’m an animal lover but “dog girls” are SKETCH bro and if you’re a dog girl reading this I AM ONTO U

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