What grossed you out so much in a relationship that you just left?

She was incredibly racist.

This is going to be a difficult thing to talk about on here, but I'm trying to be as simple and honest as possible.

She was a Chinese woman both ethnically and nationally, and we dated a few months. Of course she had a great deal to say about white people, but she also had so many stereotypes about every other race, and went into particular length on the differences between Asians.

The problem was any time I expressed discomfort or concern with her generalizations she'd say this was my white fragility talking and I needed to be more open to being "anti-racist." At one point she so resembled some neo-nazis I ran into a while back that i asked her directly how she felt about racial nationalism, especially white nationalism, and she said she was in favor of it. That the races should have ethnic states and that would be ideal.

I really had no idea what to do. I felt like I couldn't talk about it with most of my friends because if I, as a white guy, started going on about how this Asian woman was racist despite how she couched it all in "woke" language I was pretty sure most of my left-wing friends would side against me and perhaps question whether I was racist myself. But I couldn't stand being around her and listening to her rants. So I left.

I'm not saying this to say that "all woke people are racist" or whatever or that the two are the same thing. But in here case she certainly used woke rhetoric to rationalize her extreme racism.

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