What grossed you out so much in a relationship that you just left?

This literally just happened and I saw this post.

My girlfriend came to visit me while I had extremely bad mental health, the night before she was meant to leave she was extremely horrible to me and walked out of my house close to midnight and I had to go and get her, she continued to be horrible to me before realising she was wrong and tried everything to make me forgive her, I forgave her not because I genuinely accepted her apology, but because she had come 200 miles to come and see me. She treated me like utter shit the night after I had a massive breakdown which she witnessed and she didn’t consider or care about any of that before she did it. The day she was meant to leave she starts ranting about stuff she’s stressed about, she’s speaking to me horribly and shouting at me while doing so, instead of speaking to me about her problems like a normal person, she takes her problems out on me. The night before I made it clear to her that it causes me distress when she speaks to me like that. I tell her to stop speaking to me like that and she starts to patronise me and continues to speak to me like shit, at this point I leave to go have my shower to drop her off to the station so she can travel home. I come back and she asks me “are you still going to drop me off to the station” after everything that had happened I said yes I will but I don’t want to. I regretted saying that so straight after I said to her, I will drop you off I’m going to, but it was to no avail, she started packing up her stuff and essentially left without saying bye to my mum or my dad or my brother, didn’t say any words to me and just left on horrible terms like that. She said before she left that she will never forget this because all she wanted was for me to say I wanted to drop her off, why would I WANT to drop her off happily after she had treated me the way she did, of course I didn’t want to nobody would, but I still said I was going to take her.

She told me how I made things about myself and how all she wanted to do was vent to me, but then you wouldn’t have spoken to me like shit you wouldn’t have shouted at me and spoke to me in a horrible way, when bad stuff happens to me I don’t come home and speak to you like shit, I don’t take it out on you I just explain what’s going on in a normal way to you. Anyway, she thinks that she’s right after all of that and she’s not in the wrong in any way shape or form so I’m done with her.

I feel guilty that she came all this way to see me but I gave her money that way more than covers all of her costs plus just free money. She always puts herself as right and the only times she actually feels bad and sees her wrongdoings is when she truly thinks about it, which she doesn’t see anymore. I shouldn’t have to put up with this any longer so I’m done.

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