What do you guys think about 'we see...' or 'we follow...' in a screenplay?

If I'd never done some work as a reader I would probably be inclined to echo the "it's a tool, just don't overuse it" sentiment.

But with that experience taken into consideration, I have to say it's just poor /shitty technique that sticks out like a sore thumb and screams amateur.

It's the way people think movies are written before they actually learn how to write movies. And to me it doesn't matter if you use it sparingly as a tool, if the person reading your script reads scripts with any regularity. Because even if you manage not to overuse it (you won't) all the other shitty writters are overusing it enough that all you using it going to do is remember ND them of that other shitty script they read a few days ago.

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