What do you guys do for fun?

Man I'm just lurking but I got a 7.3 bonespressed and even girls call it big etc u know, I have a pretty built body and that stuff really doesn't matter to women. They see it on dating sites I send after talking and seeing my body and being left handed it still doesn't hold a conversation or willing to meet up. Or sometimes they don't want me to be disappointed, I've only done anal on 2 partners outta like 20 I'm 19 years old, but 1 of them was a tranny. No one has ever deep throated my dick all the way down and most times I can't go balls deep.

So is a big dick cool yeah sure but it's really not a deal breaker or an amazing thing every girl just calls it a plus, I really think women don't care so much for looks as long as u have somewhat a health conscious and built a emotional bond and personality. I have a personality but my autism kicks in and they leave or I don't wanna continue.

I didn't mean to offend anyone here just sharing thought it might help

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