What have you guys heard about these Archon negative entities who supposedly control top level Illuminati who run the world, and feed off the public's fear and anxiety energy.

Went to sleep for a few hours but still burned out. It's like you getting up at 3am when you work days. Gonna have something to eat but gotta go back to bed after that. So probably won't have time to check people's replies from the past day, yet.

I recalled something else. A few months ago was looking up about the Archon and noticed this guy who runs this site, unicusmagazine. Yeah.. Robert Stanley. First saw him on youtube he'd chat with alternative media bloggers. I think he was on the Coast to Coast AM radio show. Had some tales. Gets into these Archon entities.

I think he was saying they're like a virus that you can see in our world with whatever cameras. Well, if you think how when somebody dies, the "spirit" part is like a little ball of light. Think, that Poltergeist movie where they go in the hall. Well, maybe these Archon are like a virus. It's just this little thing in our realm.

This was a google search for those couple words.


He talks about it on his site.


Wondering what you guys think of this stuff.

I had said hey to him and we were chatting a bit back and forth. He sent a pdf. I saved it to look at later in the future.

From the "American journal of modern physics"

"Apparent detection via new telescopes with concave lenses of otherwise invisible terrestrial entities (ITE)"

Looked for it online and this site is mentioned in the pdf, so looks like they have to do with it.


The footage of pics always stinks. haha. It's like UFO footage. Lousy.

Might be something there about what these guys are up to. But I'm not so sure it's the Archon negative entities who control the Illuminati. But, these guys might be up to something. Wondering what you think of it.

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