What do you guys think this surprise announcement could be?

or why you're so against the idea of Sakaguchi coming back to Square.

Nothing. Like I mentioned before, Square or Mistwalker is not my point.

I'm not saying that I'm certain.

If you read your own posts, you should be able to recognize that this is exactly what you do. And you say he will be working FF9 Remake or FF17, while your arguments have no evidence for it at all and doesn't even make much sense on a surface level. And this what bothers me.

All arguments aside. There was, and always will be, the possibility of Sakaguchi returning to Square, or working on a new Final Fantasy game, or even both. There is no doubt about it. But please stop hyping things that there aren't even concrete clues to. And stop son spouting nonsense like SE doesn't have employees because CBU1 and CBU3 are busy or some shit. Because that's just not how it works.

There are many more departments in SE than the big 4 CBU's. A complex of smaller studios, freelancers and partnerships for outsourcing. And that's a mixture of old hands and newcomers.

Some of them take care of smaller FF titles. Others are about other SE games. If SE wants, it can always decide to let one of them do the next game. Or more likely the pre work for out. Like creating artworks, basic systems and stuff. Until one of the bigger studios have the ressources to go into full developement.

Since decades SE is no longer a small company consisting of a few departments, but a huge, well-connected corporation. And a CBU is not focused on one room, but rather an administrative model where you can connect other studios at any time. So much of FF takes place under Kitase's CBU direction while others organize the direction and production. SE doesn't need a Sakaguchi to be able to do an FF17. It's a nice idea for us. But it's nonsense to pretend it's likely just because Nomura, Kitase, Nojima, Yoshida are currently busy on other big projects or because his facebook account is full of FF stuff.

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