So, What Happened to the AP Bruiser Items That We Were Promised This Preseason?(actually for years now)

They do not want that. The reason AP bruiser items don't come out is because of shit like that. AP assassins that get turned into tanky champs are extremely problematic and always have been. AP bruiser items are not meant for assassins like people want. They are meant for Mord, Swain, Rumble etc. Champs that are disruptive, have high spell uptime and want to be able to pressure things while staying alive.

People begging for these AP bruiser items are people who are waiting to abuse these items. Being able to play Diana as a bruiser as well is great, but the problem is she doesn't NEED a lot of AP to one shot. So then what? Decrease her AP ratios and ruin assassin builds anyway? Essentially make her useless in another way because she'll be tanky but not able to kill since she won't be killed? Everyone thinks it's simple but in reality AP bruisers have ALWAYS been the hardest champions to balance. Look at Vlad now, he's essentially an AP bruiser that has items he works with to fit that mold, and the only way to "balance" him is to make him massively weaker. Even old Cass with Will of the Ancients was broken due to her sustain. You could literally get WOTA and old GA and just face tank everything. AP bruisers are problematic, and literally have always been that way.

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