'What has happened to me': manga depicting Uighur torture hits 2.5m views - A manga depicting the plight of an Uighur woman who was detained and tortured in China has clocked up millions of views and spawned versions in several languages.

> That's a funny meme.

Yes, it's called journalism, try and look it up sometimes. I don't think it needs to be stressed one-trillion times why the dictators of the middle east probably care more about money and trade with China than taking a firm line, so I go to Al-Jazeera.

> improving the economic condition of this region and lifting them out of poverty

You keep throwing this sentence at me, literally it sounds like something out of the book "1984." Economic conditions? Lifting them out of poverty? So, are you saying they're giving them jobs? What do the re-education camps have to do with that?

> I have seen no actual evidence of any torture camps or mistreatment of civilians. I reject the idea that "eyewitnesses" paid large sums of money for their testimony should be trusted alone, and beyond such things see no reason to believe any of the claims made by the West.

Claims made by the West, what claims? Has the Trump administration taken a firm line against China like you claim? (See what I did there, I'm attributing the opinions of 300 million Americans to a group of people in power, i.e. Trump. So, when you say things like "the Middle East doesn't care" it shows how stupid you sound.)

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