What happened to pictures and links?

Honestly as a new moderator sorry if it seems that way, really hope we don’t come off as lazy.

The thing is, I’ve already had to take down Pull Posts even with this rule in place, give out bans all that, and if Pictures were turned on it would be exponentionally worse.

I’m not saying you can’t say that maybe we’re not doing our job correctly or being lazy, if we are that’s fine and honestly an understandable complaint in some cases, but I feel it’s more just to take the work load off, especially since half and half of us are in different time zones (example would be I’m sleeping while others are waking up or in the middle of the day), not only that but most of us have jobs.

Again, sorry if we seem lazy, I’m at the least trying to do what I can moderating this Subreddit as best to my ability.

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