What happened to your first love?

Met her freshman year of high school. We were together all 4 years. After we graduated, we decided we wanted to stay together, and we planned out our future together. We talked wedding, kids, everything. Both went to school out of state, but in different states. First semester long distance, things got tough, so I willingly converted to her church and applied to transfer to her school for the following school year, and things had made themselves better after that. Her school was set up on a 3 track system, so they had a fall term (1), a spring term (2), and a summer term (3). She was on 1 & 3, so when I was in my second semester at school, she was home, and when I came home for my summer vacation, she went back out to school for her second term. About a month into her second semester, she became very distant, but she reassured her love for me and told me she was just busy with school. With about 2 weeks left in her semester, one night she sent me a text saying how she "couldn't hide it from me any longer" and told me she had met some guy and they went on a date, and she had a lot of fun, and that she "may have found her future spouse." All of this coming after we had been together for 4.5 years, and after we had planned our future together, she suddenly feels this strongly about another guy she had known for about 2 months, and she had been seeing him behind my back the entire time. She never actually broke up with me, but it was obvious we were over. I was heartbroken, and 2 months later they got engaged, and a couple months after that they got married.

There are a lot of other details left out about this, but I had fallen into a pretty deep depression from it, and had many suicidal ideations. All is better now, but she fucked my head and heart up real good.

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