This is what is happening at my college.

(close to 3 times as many)

And how many more "females" are there compared to "male inmates"? Let me answer that for you: there are almost 60 times more males in prison in 2008 than females total in the US. So if the number is "close" to 3 (actually, it's 2.3 times with the real numbers from the NCVS report you gave and 2.7 times with the number you gave here) that means a man in prison is 20 times more likely to be raped. And men raped in prison - are raped much much more times than women are raped. Because nobody cares.


Sounds like she told her friends. I'm talking about filing a police report and following through with a trial

Are your statistics - the ones you gave here - about cases where a police report was filed or about any case where the woman claims she was raped even if she didn't file a police report?

Also, when there is a case involving a woman who claims she was raped but didn't file a police report (such as the "mattress student" or any case involving the university "trial" system), do you make the same claim that "women lying about rape is a myth"? Or in those cases where she didn't file a report you stand out and claim that since no report was files it's more likely to be a false accusation?

Finally, how DARE you compare the real rape culture about male rape in prison to that of women?

I'm not talking about the culture inside the prison. I'm talking about the "don't drop the soap" jokes. I'm talking about the good cops in TV shows saying, so many times it's a cliché, that "you know what they do to a pretty boy like you in prison?" to convince someone (usually an innocent witness) to cooperate. Can you imagine anyone saying it about female rape? Can you imagine a good cop saying to a woman basically "if you don't tell me what you know - I will take you somewhere where you will be raped".

Where are feminists picketing to removes these shows from the air for saying things like this?!

On the other hand female rape is considered so disgusting and abhorrent in our culture that only the worse of the worse will ever do anything like that in popular media. If you want to show how a person is a bad guy - even more bad that other bad guys - you make him a rapist.

Bug the good guys can easily make fun of male rape victims because who cares?

How DARE you compare two.

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