What is happening with this season?! (Re Warsaw Cup if you haven't watched yet)

I believe that twitter user is in the medical field

As someone who was a lifeguard for about a decade, I'd agree that if someone doesn't have a suspected spinal injury then it's fine for medics to move them and it's doesn't have to be with a spinal board or stretcher. That includes concussions if you're pretty sure that's all that's wrong with them. Like I'm quite sure Danny walking off was okay and not going to further damage him.

I couldn't see (because the camera guy did the right thing and gave them privacy) how exactly they checked her though. If they did whatever checks they're trained to do and determined her spine was ok then what they did was fine.

I would feel better if I knew they actually checked though cuz it seemed kinda quick and I wouldn't have assumed her spine was fine without checking. A neck injury definitely seems possible.

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