What happens to a programmer's career as he gets older? What are your stories or advice about the programming career around 45-50? Any advice on how to plan your career until then? Any differences between US and UE on this matter?

It was a no name small company. I was doxxed once on reddit, so I can't give specifics. I wasn't fired as much as laid off with another guy, and prior to this a few devs quit, advising me that the ship was sinking...I didn't want to listen to them. Ultimately, the company went from being started in a bedroom, to being worth $40 million 10 years later, to being worth $5 million another 10 years later when it was sold. The post mortem for me was to not pigeonhole myself into doing "Charlie work" under the guise that it is solid job security. It's really not. It stifles a career in no time. I now do R&D for a Fortune 500 company and am well compensated and happy. On top of that, being around 50 years old, I see now that I could mow lawns if I wanted to and work on my own projects in my spare time, which is what I am doing (or should be doing instead of being on reddit!) right now. I created a website that has about 600 users clamoring for me to get shit done, and I want to make it a business so I can get out of writing software for other people, and start working for myself.

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