What is the hardest you've ever been shot down by someone you were interested in?

One time I was interested in a girl, but never really had a 1 on 1 conversation with her (same group of friends). We were having a chat on insta and I casually asked her if she wanted to grab coffee some time. I didn’t “like” her yet but just wanted to get to know her.

She ignores me for a few hours. By this time I got the hint. Then she made this huge insta post about how she’s got a new job and she’s incredibly busy and can’t hang out with anybody ever. Then in the comment section another guy said congrats and she responds “let’s hangout!”

That was probably the biggest over reaction I got lol. We’re still friends but now I try to avoid her because it feels like I’m making her think too much. She still likes a lot of my insta posts.

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