What he said.

I have two felony convictions. One for being a complete dumb ass. The other for necessity.

As you could probably guess the complete dumb ass thing is what got me my first one when I was a kid. Frankly poverty did not make me do that. I was just an idiot and did stupid things. If I had a better support system growing up at probably would not have ever had the time to of done it.

Getting the feeling that that I was a convicted felon at a young age which is pretty hard to try to get by in life getting a job or a place to live etc. etc. So I ended up committing another felony trying to get by and make ends meet. It was basically just as foolish as the first one but at least I had a good reason. Again, if there was a good support system in place when I was younger this probably would never have came to fruition.

With that being said. I am lucky in that I was able to learn from my mistakes and figure a way to navigate life with a conviction on my record. A lot of people are unfortunately I’m not able to do the same thing. We really should not have as many people behind bars and out of jail with felony convictions hanging over top of them. It’s complete bullshit how many people are denied opportunities in this country simply for a mistake they made when they were so immature they didn’t understand the ramifications

Sorry for the long post but yeah

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