What has helped you? What is your life's philosophy? What motivates you? What keeps you going?

"Nothing can happen until you swing the bat." I loved this anime called FLCL and that was one of the lines in it. It stuck with me and I use it a lot. If I want something to chance I gotta do something about it.

I also ask myself a lot "What are you gonna do about it?" I used to have anger problems, minor things set me off. But over the years I've learned that, yes I can be angry but I have to do something about it. I can complain all I want but it's not gonna fix the issue. And if there is nothing I can do, then Why waste my time being angry when being happy feels so much better. (Yeah I know it's a weird thing to describe. You can't just stop being angry that quick, but I can do something to take my mind off it. Like watching Puppy videos because who can't be happy watching those?)

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