What highly illegal thing took place at your high school?

I've known a lot of people, and I've always found the ones who turned out to be that kind either a little weird or just out of place in context. I've only met or known three. One was the image of trustworthy but only on paper. In reality there's almost always something wrong with people who are 100% squeaky clean, and in this case it was so he could gain people's trust around their children.

The other one was a vicious creep and he got his head stomped in and now he putts around in an electric scooter cause he has brain damage. He didn't surprise anyone, everyone knew he was a creep.

The third was what I mean by out of place. He was sharp as a tack, could tell you the most boring information in an interesting way. Worked at the same minimum wage job for a number of years during which I saw them change management twice, he could have easily taken over either of those times but didn't. I think if you're that smart you've got to be stimulated in some area of your life or else you'll just be bored to death, and it wasn't his job stimulating him and he never mentioned any particular hobbies. Well turns out I was right, he was being stimulated by something dark and that was good enough for him.

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