What Hilaria Shows Us She "Eats."

cant speak for everyone but I was on adderall almost 20 yrs ago, but I remember the sugar cravings. It was 15 mg XR. One XR 10mg when I woke up and another XR 5mg a couple hours later. Most days I would skip the 5mg. Appetite was gone, except for sugary/fatty items. Sometimes it felt like I NEEDED some. I even sneaked someone else's cake slice once (not my most proud moment)

also noticed that I was more easily aggravated. I was knocked on my ass with head pain and aches after it all wore off.

For me it was kind of like a gateway, more of the dose, more kinds of stimulates and even creating or magnifying obsessive behaviors.

It took me a while to connect any of it to the meds. It was life saving in some ways but in other ways I was in over my head with little guidance.

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