What do you think of his quote?

The idea that we live in a "patriarchy" whose main function is to oppress women is not only misinformed, it's biologically impossible. The genes that determine our biological sex do not have the ability to have conflicts like the genes that determine race do. There is no scientific explanation for such an absurd claim.

Historically men and women have had different roles because we're temperamentally better suited to those different roles. Women are higher in agreeableness which makes them more nurturing towards children. This also makes them more willing to sacrifice, as is needed in order to birth and raise children. Men are higher in conscientiousness, which makes them more task oriented. This allowed them to be more efficient at hunting and protecting the group. These evolutionary roles transferred across time, and led to men being over represented in workplace and women being over represented in homemaking. These roles are not the manefestation of a grand conspiracy. They've been developed over millions of years of our evolution. They weren't created in order to oppress women. They were created, because it was the most efficient way for our ancestors to function, and create societies.

I'm NOT arguing that all women should be homemakers and should be kept from being able to work. I just hate it when people spout this absolute drivel that is only meant to cause divisiveness between the sexes.

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