What do you hope is fixed in society 5 years from now?

Commuting. Almost anybody who lives and works in any major American city knows exactly just how broken our they really are. The model of "commute from your suburb house to your downtown desk job" is an outdated and broken system. I have wasted thousands of dollars having to burn gas and fix car wear, and thousands of hours of my life being stuck in traffic.

Most of these downtown desk jobs can be done remotely now. Theres no good reason to have to force working class people who cant afford to live near where they work to sit in traffic 2-4 hours a day five times a week.
The pandemic and being able to work from home made me realize just how fixable this problem is. What frustrates me about the whole situation is that every fucking year it gets worse. Traffic waits get longer and last nearly the entire day, crime goes up and my rent skyrockets 10-20% every passing year. It's gotten to the point where I am growing to hate everything about big cities an wonder if my life would be simpler and less stressful if I lived in a trailer in some broke hick town.

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