What is hurting you the most right now?

I’ve finally been officially diagnosed with cPTSD. (complex PTSD).

I earned my degree in Neuroscience & Behavior… which helped me immensely to recognize and work with my traumas.

I must keep working to forgive myself for ever allowing myself to live with and help care for family members who denied my traumas/gaslit me greatly. I must make peace with the fact that I gave in to the gaslighting, which is why I didn’t bother reapplying to medical school after being waitlisted. I just kept helping family, allowing myself to be gaslit too. I was used, it was traumatizing, and it’s hard to just “get over”. But I am and I shall, with love.

So much else has happened, including 3 close family deaths in recent months. I also have been dealing with a stalker… who hurt me last week. I feared and fought for my life… It was my first time calling 911.

I’m still standing. Albeit, the flashbacks occur. It’s a lot. I have hope, for I know what I need. It’s just about funding my needs that is the current problem. I shall persevere.

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