What ideologies and historical leaders do you respect or take inspiration from who wouldn't traditionally be considered socialist?

It was not as if Queen Victoria herself signed the treaties with indigenous peoples, otherwise the premiership of John A. MacDonald does not exist and we can absolve of him of his crime. And clearly having a deal with the monarch that is "above it all" has not at all shielded indigenous peoples from being wiped out. "The Crown" is just a stand-in for "The State/Government/Republic". A republic of Canada would ctrl-f "crown" and replace it with "state", just like South Africa did upon independence.

I am astonished at the amount of NDPers that are pro-monarchy. Centrist, and vanilla ones, fine, but really, outright socialist ones? Socialism opposes unjust hierarchies. A monarch with "divine birthright" to a lifetime in sprawling ivory tower never having to worry about starving while hundreds of thousands are homeless certainly qualifies. You cannot be a socialist and stand for the continuation of monarchies. Fuck, even the vast majority of the milquetoast Australian Labor Party are pro-abolishment.

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