What if every day for a year progressively more grizzly bears came after you, one more bear each day than the last?

It would take a little while for the first one to reach me. There are about 1500 in the lower 48 states of the US, another 15,000 in Canada, and another 30,000 in Alaska.

I'm in the eastern half of the US, so the good news for me is I have time to prepare. Actually, there are a ton of people who would be more than willing to shoot bears if it was for a good cause, and the fact that they've become single-minded automatons set on only one goal would probably bring me a lot of help.

A year's worth of grizzly bears would be 67,775 - but that's more than exist - so we're going to be driving them to extinction. Some programs might set out to save the species by capturing bears, but the majority of them would end up being slaughtered in their strange mass migration across the midwestern plains, which wouldn't be tolerated by the locals in those areas. The closer to me they get, the "denser" the stream of bears becomes, making it easier for them to be found.

The ones that make it through would find that I have decided to live in a high rise building building for the year. Since my life is at stake, I will put up with the inconvenience of house arrest until every grizzly bear in the world is dead. But the city I live in has by this time started a bear eradication program with a shoot on sight policy by popular demand because no one wants to put up with grizzly bears wandering the streets.

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