What if the reason no one can find a middle ground is actually Russian bots?

Here's where you went wrong. You are assuming that everything is polarized equivalently. It's not.

Donald Trump "won" the election with nearly three million votes fewer than Hillary Clinton. The election was quite shady, to put it mildly.

In 2009, the Senators of Republican Party voted and pledged to make Barack Obama a one-term administration by opposing everything he did.

If you go back just three years, you will find Nancy Pelosi defending George W. Bush by declaring that impeachment was "off the table."

Go back another six years and you have Republicans joining in a large chorus to steal the 2000 election, and with the help of the 5-4 Supreme Court, they overturned states rights and stopped the vote count.

Drop back eight more years and you'll find a group of Republican oligarchs doing everything possible to undermine Bill Clinton from the beginning. The special counsel Kenneth Starr was selected by Bill Clinton because he was a Republican. Compare that to the trash Robert Mueller gets today.

As you know, Kenneth Starr spent some six years investigating all kinds of fake scandals until he hit upon a sex tryst. The Republican oligarchs then funded the Paula Jones lawsuit. That time, the Supreme Court decided unanimously against Bill Clinton, permitting the lawsuit to continue. Compare the 9-0 vote against Clinton to the pure partisan 5-4 vote to steal the 2000 election from GWB. Again, not equivalent.

Do you know why Bill Clinton went to that deposition? Because he was flat broke and could not settle the case. Compare this to the Donald Trump University case -- he was able to avoid the deposition by settling the case.

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