What immediately made you lose a crush on someone?

She played too many games, at first it was a bit annoying with the "wait forever to text back and wait even longer if you don't respond within 2 minutes." For instance, if I took an hour she'd take like 4. I didn't respond for a 10 hour shift at work, took like a day and a half. Good Lord, people, if you do that they won't be thinking about you, hoping you'll message back. They'll think of you progressively less. God forbid it's something on Snapchat, I can't remember what I ate for lunch after I ate it, let alone a vague conversation that gets deleted as soon as you close the chat window.

People get excited for a new movie or game being announced, they're hyped for a day or two. After that? Not as much

Oh, and she also didn't respond well to my memes, seems disinterested. That's gonna be a deal breaker

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