What was the incident when you "Accidentally stabbed yourself with school suplies" in your classroom?

Ok never said this before but rhe occasion is here.so waaay back in the 2000s k,im in the first grade.every friday when we cleaned up we would play this game.kinda like catch but with a twist .we all sat on the top part of our desks,you would throw the ball at someone and if they dropped the ball or didnt catch it they'd have to sit down,last one still sitting on their desk wins.it was dope and it would.help us burn time. So theres this girl natalie,snobby bitch/teachers pet.everyone always wanted to sharpen all of the classes pencils but somehow this bitch natalie always got to do it .anyways one day she sharpens the whole cup of pencils (30 of them sharp af) and by the time shes done its almost the end of the day and we start playing catch to get ready to leave soon.pass her the ball ,of course her dumbass drops it then.....the most fucked up thing ive seen lol She gets off the desk and sits down on her chair.....right where she had put the cup of sharpened pencils at ouch! She sat,screamed so loud that the whole classroom all looked her way proceeds to put her hands on her cooter and jump like a frog from the pain. Thanks ive never been able to tell this 1st grade story.someone out there will appreciate this i know it.fuck you natalie ,shoulda let me sharpen the pencils i coulda took a few to the ass like a champ

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